Our Facility

Rising Star Ranch

is located on 100 acres of sandy soil in the heart of Texas horse country. We are conveniently located in historic Bridgeport which is only 1 hour and 15 minutes north west of the DFW metroplex. 

Horse Country, USA

Our area of Texas is known for its natural sandy soil which enables us to have year round great footing to ride out in the fields and it also produces an abundance of quality coastal grass for grazing along with excellent pasture conditions for turnout. 

Climate & Shows

Because our area has a mild climate that is fairly temperate in the winter it allows for great riding all year long. The influx of horse enthusiasts to the area has led to an abundance of horse shows from schooling shows, to rated shows in just about every discipline. Here at RSR we can help you find your perfect equine partner to enjoy for basic riding up to the top levels of training and showing in dressage, hunters/jumpers, or eventing! 


The Barn

Our main barn is designed with the safety & comfort of the horses in mind. Each stall is over size with plenty of light and ventilation. The horses are bedded on a thick layer of pine wood shavings and enjoy the beautiful Bermuda Coastal grass hay that we cut and bale on the farm, in a relaxing & comfortable atmosphere. Each stall has a fan for use in the summer and fresh water is always available for them.


The Arena

Although our area enjoys a temperate climate for most of the year, we will have hot days in the summer. Our covered arena enables a cool area to ride during the summer and a nice dry area to ride during the rainy days. Our arena is also great for starting colts and helps get the show horses used to riding indoors. 


Pastures & Fields

As you enter our facility you will notice our front pastures and jump field. We have designed these to allow for every day turnout for our horses in training, plenty of pasture time for our mares and foals, and a nice area for outdoor jumping in the grassy field. This helps us do plenty of cross training on all of our horses so they are happy & fit in their routine and comfortable riding in and out of the arena.